couple on a couples retreat spa

Whether you’re looking for the ideal honeymoon, an adventure to have together, or a way to reconnect with your partner, a vacation can give you what you need. However, planning all the ins and outs of a trip can add more stress than the trip relieves, especially when you’re considering the needs of two individuals and the relationship. That’s where My Tripwell’s couples retreats can help. 

With a retreat, you can see beautiful sites, stay active, feed your spiritual side, and deepen your connection to your partner. With so many couples’ retreats available, it’s difficult to pick just the right one. But with these four factors in mind, you and your partner can find the perfect getaway that meets your unique needs.

Location, Location, Location

When it comes to vacations, locations are key. Some couples want to get away to far-flung destinations in regions they have never explored. Others want to stay closer to home and explore the beauty nearby. Have an honest conversation with your partner about the kinds of places you want to visit and go from there. 

A few questions to consider here are:

  • What places remain on both your bucket lists?
  • Do you want to leave the country?
  • What kind of travel does your budget allow?
  • What’s your favorite kind of weather?

You and your partner may have different answers to these questions, and that’s fine. You can easily find room for compromise on My Tripwell. For example, if one person prefers mountains while the other loves the beach, consider a getaway to Costa Rica, which is full of all kinds of terrain. 

Available Activities

It’s not just about the country or city you’ll visit, but the accommodations you’ll have too. Think about what kinds of activities you and your partner can do at the site of the retreat and on nearby excursions. For example, if you’re both beach bums at heart, make sure the schedule will give you plenty of time to lay on the sand. Similarly, if you both love a relaxing spa day, be sure to include that in your search. The best vacation is the one you both enjoy.

Health and Wellness Activities

If you both love a specific type of activity, like hiking, be sure that’s on the itinerary. Of course, many couples have different interests, which is healthy. Some My Tripwell retreats include several types of activities, so there’s something for both you and your partner. You can not only enjoy things that you love (say, yoga), but you can also learn more about something your partner likes. 

Furthermore, you should ensure that your retreat will cater to both of your wellness goals. Many My Tripwell retreats include food for individual styles of eating, for example. So, if either of you is vegan or gluten-free, you can make sure to have the health-promoting food you need. Furthermore, some retreats focus on helping people with weight to shed, which can be great for couples who want to embark on that journey together.

Total Value of the Trip

Ultimately, it’s not just the price of the trip that matters, but the overall value of your vacation. Be sure you get your money’s worth. For example, if you come back from your vacation feeling more tired than you were before you left, was it really worth what you spent? On the other hand, if you return feeling refreshed and closer-than-ever to your partner, the trip is priceless. 

Whether you’re looking for an action-packed adventure or a relaxing week away from normal life, My Tripwell can help. Search our retreats and filter by those that are perfect for couples to book your next getaway today.