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Are you used to going to the gym or Pilates and unsure how to stay active at home? Miss going on fitness retreats? Luckily, many fitness instructors have developed daily workouts you can do from home. If you want to

In the midst of the novel coronavirus and shutdowns around the globe, many wellness retreats are no longer accessible at this time. While you can certainly book a trip to take when this is all over, it’s simply not the

A hiking tour can give you opportunities to detox from your digital life, connect with nature, see beautiful places, and get plenty of exercise. There are hiking tours for beginners and experienced hikers alike, so you’re sure to find something

Getting ready for a wellness retreat is an exhilarating time. As you pack your bags, you get increasingly excited about the coming days. However, the process can also be overwhelming if you’ve never been on this type of trip before.  In

Have you ever needed a vacation from your vacation? While your goal was to get away from the chaos of everyday life, you find yourself eating unhealthy foods, stressing about travel, and taking very little time for rest. No wonder

Whether you’ve been a dedicated yogi for years or you still feel new to your practice, attending a retreat takes your practice to the next level in many ways. You will build a deeper relationship with yoga, meet many like-minded